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Caution Notice


Brand History

Launched in 1999, this perfect ‘namkeen’ snack, developed entirely in India, has come to be identified with fun and lovable human quirks. It developed an even stronger identity through associations with well-known Indian actors.

About the Brand

Brand Promise

Kurkure is a crunchy new-age namkeen snack brand which symbolizes light-hearted fun.

Embodying the spirit of India, Kurkure has found a home in millions of hearts and minds and enjoys the position of a strong Lovemark brand in India.

Over the years, Kurkure has journeyed effortlessly from being a snack with a twist to becoming an integral part of India’s teatime menu and an embodiment of endearing human ‘imperfections’ or ‘tedhapan’.

Brand Advantage

  • Made with trusted kitchen ingredients: 100% vegetarian
  • All the raw materials used in Kurkure comply with The Food Safety & Standards Act & Regulations 2006 and rules that govern the manufacture, distribution and sale of Kurkure.
  • All Kurkure ingredients are used daily in households for the preparation of various edible items.


Kurkure has constantly re-invented itself to sustain its relevance to Indian culture and the Indian ethos. Not only does Kurkure provide an inimitable taste and superior quality, it has also brought fame and happiness to many through its ‘Chai-time-achievers’ face on pack initiative.

Quality Standards

Kurkure is made in automated plants at three locations – Channo (Punjab), Kolkata and Pune. These plants are audited and certified by various external agencies. The certifications include:

  1. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).
  2. Certification by TQCSI (Australia), which confirms that products are manufactured in a food safety environment and the manufacturing process has adequate controls to track products.
  3. American Institute of Baking (USA), one of the best auditing bodies for confirming process and product safety.
  4. Our Plants are ISO 14000 certified, which confirms that the manufacturing process ensures environmental safety.
  5. Our plants are also certified to ensure that the safety of products, processes, environment and people is maintained at a very high level. This certification is issued by OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), USA.

With respect to the 'Now Tastier' claim on the Kurkure Malasa Much pack, please note:

  • 'Now Tastier' claim is based on a research conducted by Nielsen which yielded the following results:
  • "Of the 404 consumers tested across Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, 61% preferred New Kurkure Product (9204) on Taste, over Existing Kurkure Product"
  • "PepsiCo claim based on research conducted by Nielsen, between 05th-20th Nov'17, for a sample of 404 consumers - Males and Females, aged 13-45 years, SEC ABC, Consumers of Salty Snacks in P1M including 50% Core (MOUB) consumers of Kurkure and 50% top competition brands based on zonal market share sales value offtake (MAT Sep'17)"