As we work to deliver Performance with Purpose, we are proud that numerous organizations have recognized our progress and achievements. Below are some of the recent awards and honors we have received.

awards recognition

Thank you The Economic Times and People Business for the honor of including us as one of the ‘Top 10 Companies with Great Managers’, in the category of large companies. The award recognizes the most efficient and effective managers and the brands that harbored them.

Diversity and Engagement


Golden Peacock award
Award for the all-round work in HR compared to other companies last year from the Institute of Directors (2017)

Business World
Awarded ‘Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion’ (2016)

People Business with Times of India
Acknowledged as ‘Company with Great Managers’ (2016)

DMA Thomas Assessments National Award
Awarded for ‘Talent Management for Innovative Initiatives in Leadership & Development’ (2016)

Human Resources HR Excellence Award – Singapore
Received an award for ‘Excellence in Employee Diversity & Inclusion Strategies’ (2016)

WILL Best Employers for Women
Recognised in ‘Overall organizational award’ (2016)

CLO Summit
Awarded as the ‘Most Attractive Employer’ (2016)

The Guild & Hindustan Times Mint Connect - HR Innovation Awards
Acclaimed for the ‘Best Employer Value Proposition’ (2016)


We’re proud to share that we’ve been awarded the ‘Global Agriculture Leadership Award 2018’ by the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture, for pursuing sustainable models to achieve corporate excellence. This is testament to partnership with Indian farmers, and our commitment to sustainable farming measures. In frame here are (From L to R) Neelima Dwivedi, VP – Corporate Affairs, PepsiCo India, Ahmed ElSheikh, President, PepsiCo India and Niteen Pradhan, VP – Supply Chain Operations, PepsiCo India, receiving the award from the Hon’able Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh.



Indian Council of Food & Agriculture
Awarded the Global Agriculture Leadership award, for pursuing sustainable models to achieve corporate excellence. (2018)

Recognized with the ‘Noteworthy Project in Water Management’, in beyond the fence category, during the National Award for Excellence in Water Management (2018)

Awarded with the Exemplary Contribution to Society and Environment in Water Sector at the Water Management Excellence Awards (2018)

Water Digest
Best Community Project of the Year in Water Sector, for our Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management Program (SWRDM) (2017-18)


Adjudged as Best Community Project in water sector (2017)

CNBC India
Recognised as the ‘Best Corporate Risk Management FMCG Company in India’ (2016)

Indian Green Building Council
Received a Gold for ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Sricity’ (2016)

Golden Peacock Award
Received an award for Safety – Kolkata plant (2016)

Greentech Foundation
Awarded a Gold for EHS – for our Pune plant (2016)

Greentech Foundation
Recipient of a Gold for EHS –for our Sricity plant (2016)

Institute of Engineers
Recognised with the ‘Safety Innovation Award’ for our Pune plant (2016)

Confederation of India Industries
Awarded with an ‘Environmental Sustainability Award’– for our Kolkata plant (2016)

India Council of Food & Agriculture
Awarded the ‘Agriculture Leadership Award’ (2016)

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