In collaboration with best-in-class grant partners, PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation pursue six strategic imperatives that help local communities build and secure strong futures. These imperatives are:



Encourage Healthy Lifestyles - Educate communities about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity with a focus on family and community as primary influencer.

Improve Availability of Affordable Nutrition - Develop nutritional solutions for underserved communities and increase access to healthy food.



Access to Water - Provide underserved communities in water-stressed regions access to safe water and leverage access solutions to advance other imperatives.

Enhance Sustainable Agriculture Capability - Utilize expertise to advance farming practices in underserved communities to enhance the livelihoods of farmers.





Enable Job Readiness - Support education and training programs that help students graduate, and help underserved students maximize their learning and earning potential. 

Empower Women and Girls - Support programs that empower women economically, and prepare adolescent girls with the skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce.


PepsiCo Foundation has invested over `114 crore in India since 2008 through various programs to provide access to safe drinking water, impacting over 4 million Indians in water stressed regions of the country. PepsiCo India’s operations have been water positive for six consecutive years and gave back more than 12.75 billion litres of water in 2015 through conservation and replenishment efforts

Beneficiary stories

Water has come to Manapakkam, a town on the outskirts of Chennai. Meet four women from this Indian village, who shared with us the details of their changing lives.

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