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Home » Media » Press Releases » Kurkure Delights Consumers With Two Limited Edition Pujo Special Flavours

Kurkure delights consumers with two limited edition pujo special flavours


Kolkata, October 6, 2012: Kurkure, India’s popular namkeen snack brand from PepsiCo India’s foods portfolio has launched Jhalmuri and Tokmishti Jhal-two new pujo special flavours for Eastern India. The new irresistible flavours are inspired from local cuisines of the region and are available in special packs designed specifically for pujo.

What’s more, consumers in West Bengal can try out interesting chaats made with the two new flavours-Jhalmuri and Tokmishti Jhaal at chaat walas across Kolkata, Durgapur, Siliguri & Asansol and vote for their favourite Chhatwala by sending an SMS KK chaatwala’s code to 56569. 10 lucky couples will get to go on a Helicopter ride! The “Kurkure chaat khao Helicopter mein jaao” program, offers consumers a chance to experience Kolkata during pujo in a ‘tedha’ way - a fun twist on tradition. Details can be had at http://kurkure.co.in/KurkurePuja2012TNC.aspx

Nalin Sood, Director, Indian Snacks, PepsiCo India Foods said “Kurkure has always been at the forefront of snacking innovation. Building local relevance has been one of our key planks on which we innovate continuously and festivals are an ideal occasion to launch such initiatives. Pujo is the largest festival in the region and our unique consumer engagement program around the two limited edition pujo special flavours will help drive local relevance & affinity for the brand.”

The mouth-watering Pujo special flavours are available across Eastern India. The products are available in 23g and 46g packs, priced at INR 5 and INR 10 respectively. Kurkure uses trusted ingredients found in Indian kitchens to offer innovative products. Kurkure’s new and existing range is an exciting mix of regional and topical flavours, with ingredients like rice, dal and corn.

About Kurkure:

Kurkure, which was fully developed in India as a great tasting ‘namkeen’ snack, has established a strong connect with consumers across the country. It has been at the forefront of product and marketing innovation and has constantly re-invented itself to remain relevant to the Indian ethos and culture. All ingredients used in making Kurkure are trusted kitchen ingredients used daily in all households for preparation of various food items. Kurkure is made with trusted kitchen ingredients and is 100% vegetarian.

Not only has Kurkure provided an inimitable taste and superior quality, it has brought fame and joy to many through its ‘Kurkure Chai-time-achievers’ face on pack initiative and ‘Kurkure Spend Time With Your Family’ program. In 2010, Kurkure launched an ingredient innovation with the launch of Kurkure made with Rajma, which was a big hit with consumers. In 2011, the ‘Ingredients of India’ range, made with dal was a big success with regional flavours like Mumbai Chatpata Usal, Bengali Jhaal and South Spice Mix. It was followed by a unique Judwa pack with two fiery flavours packed in one bag.

For more tedha fun, join Kurkure’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kurkure

Media Contact:

Sandipan Ghatak                                                                                     Malika/ Sanjeev

Manager, Corporate Communications                                                Tarmac Affairs

PepsiCo India                                                                                          +91 9899961550/9990989922

sandipan.ghatak@pepsico.com                                                           malika@tarmacaffairs.com