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Home » Purpose » Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability


To the planet we all share

It is a promise to be a good citizen of the world, protecting the Earth's natural resources through innovation and more efficient use of land, energy, water and packaging in our operations.

Our business focuses on sustainable growth and relies on the Earth's natural resources every day. As our business grows in developed, developing and emerging countries, we remain committed to minimizing the impact it has on the environment. We strive to use only methods and tools that are scientifically proven, socially responsible and economically sound.

In India, we operate three ongoing initiatives to better the environment. These are closely linked to our business and are areas in which we believe we can make a very positive impact.

  • Our initiative to replenish water has been a major success. 2009 was a milestone for us – we were able to achieve a positive water balance, giving back more water than we consumed through our various initiatives of recharging, replenishing and reusing water. Click here to know more
  • Our efforts to convert waste to wealth have been very fruitful. We have educated community members on how to segregate and recycle their waste. In a project employing over 500 people, we transform bio-degradable waste into organic manure through vermi-culture. Click here to know more
  • We have also partnered with farmers across the country to help them boost their productivity and income. We have pioneered contract farming, developed robust, high-quality potato seeds, arranged for farmer loans, and aided citrus growers in a variety of ways. Click here to know more

Our Goals and Commitments

In 2009, we announced 15 global goals and commitments to guide our work to protect the Earth's natural resources through innovation and more efficient use of land, energy, water and packaging in our operations. We are focusing our work where we can make the most positive impact (water, packaging, climate change and agriculture) and on key policies and partnerships to help provide solutions to address the world's environmental challenges.

Water: Respect the human right to water through world-class efficiency in our operations, preserving water resources and enabling access to safe water

  • Improve our water use efficiency by 20 percent per unit of production by 2015.
  • Strive for positive water balance in our operations in water-distressed areas.
  • Provide access to safe water to 3 million people in developing countries by the end of 2015.

Land and Packaging: Rethink the way we grow, source, create, package and deliver our products to minimize our impact on land

  • Continue to lead the industry by incorporating at least 10 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in our primary soft drink containers in the US, and broadly expand the use of rPET across key international markets.
  • Reduce packaging weight by 350 million pounds, avoiding the creation of 1 billion pounds of landfill waste by 2012.
  • Work to eliminate all solid waste to landfills from our production facilities.

Climate Change: Reduce the carbon footprint of our operations

  • Improve our electricity use efficiency by 20 percent per unit of production by 2015.
  • Reduce our fuel use intensity by 25 percent per unit of production by 2015.
  • Commit to an absolute reduction in GHG emissions across global operations.

Community: Respect and responsibly use natural resources in our businesses and in the local communities we serve

  • Apply proven sustainable agricultural practices on our farmed land.
  • Provide funding, technical support and training to local farmers.
  • Promote environmental education and best practices among our associates and business partners.
  • Integrate our policies and actions on human health, agriculture and the environment to make sure they support each other.